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Mediation is an alternative to litigation

Recognizing that your relationship or marriage is coming to end is one of the most difficult decisions a person can make. Many people have an overwhelming sense of uncertainty for the future as they see their lives headed towards the turmoil of litigation over ending their marriage, custody of their children, and division of their property. There is an under-utilized alternative, however.

Mediation is a collaborative process involving the parties to a conflict work with a neutral third-party to come to an agreement as to all aspects of their conflict. In a divorce/family law case, an attorney who has been trained in the art of mediation can help you reach a comprehensive agreement that will avoid the uncertainty and cost of contested litigation.

Research shows that mediated agreements result in more satisfaction by the parties and a lower chance that they will return to court in the future. When parents raise their children together in a low-conflict situation, the children are more likely to grow up to become healthy, well-adjusted adults. The mediation process can help start you on the road to collaborative parenting. For more information, check out this article:


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