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Louisiana 2nd in Nation for Domestic Violence Deaths.

Did you know that Louisiana ranks second in the nation for deaths from domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a problem that affects individuals from all walks of life. No socioeconomic status, race, national origin, or religious group is exempt from being touched by this horrific problem.

If domestic violence is affecting your life, there are remedies under the law that can help you get out of the situation you are in. Louisiana now allows an immediate divorce upon proof of domestic violence. There are also a variety of protective measures that can be used to help victims trapped in a dangerous situation. 

Contact Bowers Law Firm at (318) 798-2540 to meet with one of our experienced attorneys today to discuss your options if you are a victim of domestic violence. Below are some other resources to help if you are in a dangerous situation. Remember, if your life in in danger, contact local law enforcement!

You Are Not Alone Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center: 
(318) 617-3314

Project Celebration: (318) 226-5015

Providence House: (318) 221-7887